Which Trees Grow the Fastest?

Some of your favorite trees could be ones that grow the fastest. We get to observe the quick growth of these trees as we watch them mature and blossom in short periods of time. Fast growing shade trees give us the benefit of shade on hot summer days and add beauty to our landscapes. Proper […]

How Do Trees Grow and Develop

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Trees are a beautiful part of our world. They are not only gorgeous and calming to look at, they also provide us with oxygen and shade, a shelter for animals, and they are vital to sustaining our ecosystem.  What many of us don’t know about trees is how they grow. Trees have six organs:  leaves, […]

How to Winterize Trees and Shrubs

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Plants and trees experience life cycles through seasons as opposed to human beings, whose life cycles occur daily. We must receive adequate nutrients, water, and rest each day. In fact, the amount and quality of our rest helps to determine how healthy and productive we are.  Plants and trees go through similar processes. Most trees […]

How to Keep Trees Healthy

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Trees are an important part of our landscape as they add beauty and a calming presence in our every-day lives. They also shade our homes and neighborhoods, reducing our energy costs. Trees increase property values, reduce air pollution, and curtail soil erosion.  They also provide habitat for wildlife.  As trees are a peaceful, serene part […]