Emergency Tree Service

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Emergency Tree Service

Yes! We provide emergency tree services!

Living in the Tri-Cities comes with it the risk of damage to our trees and shrubs that get pounded by occasional high winds and major storms. They can leave havoc in their wake such as trees uprooting or leaning, and cracked or broken limbs. All of a sudden your property can become a danger zone.

Disasters do happen, and Boyd’s Tree Service is there for you when it does. Our expert and highly trained crews will handle any size job to restore safety and beauty to your battered yard.

Whether it is huge downpours of rain or furious winds, the rubble left behind can leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Rest easy knowing that Boyd’s Tree Service will clean up the broken branches and stray shrubs and repair or remove damaged trees!

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Growing a Better Tomorrow

Assessing Tree & Shrub Damage
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The road to your landscape’s restoration begins when Boyd’s Tree Service crew comes to your property to evaluate the damage. Here is how our assessment will transpire as we determine the severity of landscape damage:

Light Damage

Light Damage — is with just the smallest branches of the tree being injured, usually results in little or no permanent injury to the tree. What is typically required for this level of damage is cleaning up of the broken twigs and branches and maybe a crown cleaning or thinning prune to restore an aesthetically pleasing shape.

Heavy Damage

Heavy Damage — large broken branches, split crotches, removal of bark, and splitting or splintering of the trunk. This would be caused by strong winds and heavy ice storms. When a tree is severely damaged, the first question that needs to be answered is: Is the condition of the tree such that keeping it is worthwhile? Our tree professionals at Boyd’s Tree Service will guide you through this process and answer these important questions.

Here is how we would more extensively assess and resolve your landscaping issues in the wake of inclement weather. Our arborist will carefully determine if he can save a tree as long as the tree is likely to remain healthy and is of value to you – the property owner, after adequate repairs. The tree experts at Boyd’s Tree Service could suggest removal of a tree if it has brittle wood and a branch structure that makes it susceptible to more damage from future storms. Trees that have been toppled by storms are likely candidates for removal.

Here are other considerations when we determine whether a tree is worth saving:
  • Species of tree
  • Age of tree
  • Growing location
  • Value the tree adds to the property
  • Sentimental value

So if your property has experienced the ravages of severe weather – downed trees, ripped-apart trees and dislodged shrubs – call on Boyd’s Tree Service to transform your landscape to its original beauty with safety also in mind!

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Boyd's Tree Service - Tri-Cities, WA
24/7 Emergency Tree Service

At Boyd’s Tree Service, we have a 24/7 Emergency Tree Service when time is of the essence after occurrences such as natural disasters that cause potentially dangerous tree removals.