How We Safely Remove Large Trees From Small Spaces

When it comes to large tree removal within small, confined areas, this requires many precautions to be taken to keep everyone safe and to protect your home or other structures from being damaged.  Undertaking this task should always be left up to a licensed professional who is certified and trained for the job. 

Removing large trees is challenging under the best of circumstances, and even more difficult in small spaces. 

Before starting the process of tree removal, we clear the area of vehicles and other items that might be damaged by falling branches or trunk sections. By using ropes to secure branches before cutting and lowering them slowly to the ground, we prevent falling branches from damaging your home or other structures on your property. 

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What is Involved with Removing a Large Tree in a Small Space

Whenever we at Boyd’s Tree Service are contracted to remove a large tree, our crews take the utmost caution to make sure it is done right and in a safe manner. 

Here are some of the steps we take to carry out the removal of a large tree in a confined space:

We begin the process of large tree removal by getting rid of the branches at the top of the tree first. Working our way down, we remove large lower branches last. We also notch the trunk to control the direction of its fall before felling the tree. This ensures that people, pets, and property are not impacted. 

We raise a crew member in a bucket truck and maneuver it to an area where they reach the first portion of the tree to be removed. 

After the bucket is stable and positioned correctly, the tree surgeon will slowly and carefully cut off small pieces. Before removal, a rope will be tied around each section in order that the large tree can be lowered safely to the ground without coming into contact with people, buildings or cars.  We continue to do this part until there are no higher parts of the tree to be removed. 

Removing Upper Branches

Removing the upper branches of the tree involves precision and careful movements. When cutting big branches that could fall and damage your house, we tie a rope around the branch. Then, we wrap the other end around another tree trunk, at ground level. 

We proceed to unwrap the rope around the tree trunk and slowly lower the large branch to the ground. 

After removing the tree’s canopy, as well as the higher branches, our crew will move down the trunk of the tree, evaluating the best methods to remove the tree. 

Cutting Off Lower Branches

Branches on the lower portions are usually larger and heavier, so we use a chainsaw to cut off the lower branches. 

After making the initial cut, our crew saws downward from the top of the branch, approximately six inches to 12 inches farther from the trunk than the undercut. Making two cuts this way will cause the branch to cleanly fall, without resulting in dangerous splintering and breaking.

After the tree has been completely removed and all parts of the tree have been safely loaded into a trailer, we haul the tree off of your property. 

Grinding the Tree Stump 

Once the large tree has been removed from your property, we are able to grind the stump down. We only do this if you have requested this service. 

We normally recommend that the stump be removed because it can begin to rot and draw pests. If the stump is especially close to a structure, a stump can pose negative outcomes that include termites invading the stump and then moving to your building’s structure. That is why the goal is to be sure the stump is ground down to six inches below the soil. 

Let Boyd’s Tree Service Provide You with Expert Tree Removal

At Boyd’s Tree Service, we are a full-service tree and stump removal business that serves the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. Boyd’s Tree Service is a fully insured and bonded tree removal contractor with many years of experience with tree care and tree removal. 

You’ll find that at Boyd’s Tree Service – comprised of fourth-generation tree men – we provide the most comprehensive tree care. We take pride in enhancing the well-being, beauty, and aesthetics of your trees. 

If you live in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas and you would like more information about our tree services, or to schedule an appointment, we invite you to call Boyd’s Tree Service at (509) 585-4194

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