Power Line Clearing

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Power Line Clearing

Our power line clearing services will help keep our community and your family safe! Trees and power lines are both important assets in our communities. Trees provide beauty and grandeur, they shade and offer wind protection. Power lines generate electricity for light, heat, and appliances.

Unfortunately, trees and power lines frequently end up in conflict. Many power outages are caused by trees that have grown into the lines. What’s more, trees growing into power lines cause increased line clearing costs.

Trees and brush touching power lines can also create sparks that can ignite fires, especially during the dry and hot conditions, like we have here in the Tri-Cities.

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Growing a Better Tomorrow

Boyd’s Expert Power Line Clearing Techniques

That’s where Boyd’s Tree Service comes in. Our experienced, hard-working crews prune back trees so there is ample clearance from the power lines. We use modern power line pruning techniques that result in healthier, safer trees. These best practices also result in reduced line clearing costs.

Our Boyd’s Tree Service crews are expertly equipped to reduce the risk of trees and brush coming into contact with the power line, helping to reliable service and protect people and property.

Topping Trees to Clear Power Lines

Power lines are typically kept clear of tree branches by a process known as topping, also called hedging or shearing. In this method, the entire crown of the tree is cut back to a certain distance below the wires, similar to the shearing of a hedge.

Direction Pruning to Clear Power Lines

Directional pruning is an alternative to topping that leaves trees healthier and ultimately reduces line clearing costs. In directional pruning, also called natural pruning or the “Shigo method” (after a well-known tree researcher), only branches that head toward the power lines, or other obstructions, are pruned. Those that are growing down or out away from the wires are left alone to continue their growth. No stubs are left because branches are always pruned at the point where they reach another branch, or at a “crotch.”

Trees that are directionally pruned will not have the familiar hedged look of a topped tree. Instead, they will have a V-shape if lines are directly overhead or an L-shape if lines are to one side. Although this may appear to create an unbalanced or weak crown, the tree will grow to correct any lack of balance and will end up healthier than if it had been topped.

Directional pruning works best if started when a tree is young and may not work on trees that have been topped many times.

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Boyd’s Tree Service – Experts in Keeping Power Lines at A Safe Distance From Trees

At Boyd’s Tree Service, our power line clearing services help to reduce the risk of trees and brush coming into contact with power lines. This helps to provide reliable service and protect people and property.