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Shrubbery Removal & Trimming

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While trees and shrubs bring color and variety to a landscape if they are not tended to, what began as a pretty shrub can easily turn into an out-of-control plant that is unkempt, sparse, and unsightly.  Having overgrown shrubs on your property can obstruct walkways and obscure scenery. 

When you reach out to Boyd’s Tree Service for shrub trimming and removal, you are going with the experts in landscape maintenance. Boyd’s offers highly trained and experienced crews that can restore order and beauty to your yard.

Growing a Better Tomorrow

Pruning your Shrubs

Pruning is the process of cutting your plant so that it can grow back. Shrub pruning allows your landscape to flourish and your plants to thrive. When you enlist the aid of Boyd’s Tree Service, you can be sure shrub pruning will enhance the natural beauty of your yard and landscape. 

While you might think you can do shrub pruning yourself, you should consider that tree and shrub pruning is a precise art.  What often happens is an amateur could get carried away, and, before you know it, you have an overly pruned shrub. An overly pruned shrub can tarnish the appearance of your entire landscape.  You also need to tend to the health of this thorn bush, making sure you protect the vegetation that you want but remove the vegetation you don’t want. 

Shrubs can also pose a fire risk. In the Tri-Cities, where severe winds, dry air, and hot temperatures can combine to ignite wildfires, overgrown shrubbery is a hot box for fires. The fire season in Eastern Washington can be extremely destructive and pose a serious risk to your property and your family.

Benefits to Properly Pruned Shrubs

Consistent and correct pruning of your shrubs brings with it the following benefits:

Growing a Better Tomorrow
Need for Shrub Removal
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Trust Boyd’s Tree Service to take care of your shrub removal needs. Removal of a dense and overgrown brush can make shrub removal complex and difficult. Let the tree care experts at Boyd’s Tree Service help. What’s more, the removal of overgrown shrubs from the root of trees could damage and kill the trees if not done correctly.

Overgrown shrubs will choke out trees and also strategically planted vegetation. This creates a breeding ground for such pests like termites, ticks, rats, and possums. Shrub removal is also important to maintain your trees as the shrub roots themselves can attach to the tree root structure and drain nutrients from your trees. This makes your trees vulnerable to disease and mites and even death.

Ensuring that your property is clear of unwanted growth and shrubs protects the aesthetic quality and appeal of your property.

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Be assured that our crews at Boyd’s Tree Service are trained in the latest removal practices and educated on the best techniques for removing unwanted bushes.  We will bring curbside appeal to your property with our expert shrubbery trimming and removal services!