Prepping your Trees for Winter

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As the temperature turns colder and snow and ice loom in the not-too-distant forecast, you may be asking yourself, “how do I prep my trees for winter?” While snow and ice might make for beautiful scenery and conjure up images of sitting by a warm fire and being cozy with loved ones, the weather outside […]

Dangers of Performing Tree Care Service by Yourself

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There might be many reasons you would want to take it upon yourself to do your own tree work. Perhaps there is a low-hanging limb that is obstructing a pathway, or maybe you notice there is some decay on the branches, or you want to prune your tree so it doesn’t obstruct your view of […]

How to Keep Trees Healthy

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Trees are an important part of our landscape as they add beauty and a calming presence in our every-day lives. They also shade our homes and neighborhoods, reducing our energy costs. Trees increase property values, reduce air pollution, and curtail soil erosion.  They also provide habitat for wildlife.  As trees are a peaceful, serene part […]