Why You Shouldn’t be Topping Your Trees

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There are many ways to prune a tree and many reasons to do so. When you observe your tree is too tall for your liking, your initial instinct may be to chop off the top.  But when it comes to topping your tree, that would pose a major threat to its health and well-being.  Under […]

The Importance of Curb Appeal for your Small Business

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When you hear the term “curb appeal” what comes to mind? If you are like most people, you probably think about a house in a residential community. But did you know that business curb appeal is just as important, especially for start-up businesses seeking visibility?  Why is curb appeal important for your business? A staggering […]

Why Should You Prune Trees?

Pruning a tree has a lot of benefits that include human safety and tree health. The most important benefit of tree pruning is to keep people safe. A dead branch can fall from a tree without notice, endangering nearby people, buildings, and power lines. Removing dangerous limbs and maintaining a safe tree is the best […]