The Importance of Curb Appeal for your Small Business

When you hear the term “curb appeal” what comes to mind? If you are like most people, you probably think about a house in a residential community. But did you know that business curb appeal is just as important, especially for start-up businesses seeking visibility? 

Why is curb appeal important for your business? A staggering 95 percent of customers report that the external appearance of a business is one of the primary influences on their decision on where to shop.  Another similar research study shows that as much as 70 percent of first-time sales are based on curb appeal. 

The outside of your office building and surrounding property is a direct reflection of your store, and that is especially true for service-oriented businesses. Your customers want to know that you will take as good care of them as you do your environment. Display pride in your property and your employees will respond favorably too. They will get a morale boost from the newly awakened attention to detail. 

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10 Ideas to Boost Your Business Curb Appeal

  1.  Create Window Displays 

Window displays offer prospective customers a glimpse into your store and usually provide their introduction to your product offerings. Showcase some of your products in a display that highlights your creativity. 

  1.  Demonstrate Landscaping Ideas 

Why have the areas in front of your business appear plain or dull, or nondescript?  Consider adding potted plants, flowers, or shrubs. Elegant landscaping can offer a new, revitalized look for your store front, especially if it complements your window displays. 

  1.  Maintain Your Facilities

Every aspect of your brick-and-mortar store should appear clean and looked after. Staying on top of general maintenance tasks makes a positive impression on passersby, including potential customers, by demonstrating your reliability and attention to detail. 

  1.  Address Concrete Disrepair

Begin by tending to any element of your curb appeal that is uninviting, hazardous, or in disrepair. First priority should be given to concrete that has been neglected. Examples of this include sidewalks, walkways, and parking lots. 

Though concrete renovations aren’t the sexist item on your to-do list, it is really the most impactful. Consider hiring a professional with Property Care Inc. to come out and give you a quote. We can walk you through some of the options and costs. 

  1.  Provide Positive Parking Experience

Adequate parking facilities can have a significant effect on curb appeal. Accessible and convenient parking can help put prospective customers in a more positive state of mind when they walk through your doors. It can also make it easier for them to safely carry their purchases back to their cars. 

If you offer parking, ensure that your lot is clear of debris and that it is in good condition. This entails fixing cracked or bumpy pavement and painting clearly marked parking lines. 

  1.  Add Lighting 

Lighting is too often an after-thought element when it comes to business curb appeal. However, it is very important, as it is especially helpful if your business is open at night. Good lighting promotes safety and, quite literally, illuminates your brand for everyone to see. 

  1.  Invest in Fresh Signage

Peeling paint and faded colors give off the wrong message to customers and passersby. It says to people “no one cares about this store, so why should you?” Invest in a new sign and change that impression. 

  1. Inject Some Color

What better way to make your store stand out from the competition than adding new colors to your store front?  Make your storefront vibrant, colorful and memorable!

  1. Consider Installing New Shop Furniture

Do you think an attractive new awning or sunshade would give your business more curb appeal? How about a brand new door?  It might very well be worth the investment for these larger projects if it means a better, more inviting welcome for customers. 

  1.  Put Some Greenery Out Front

A couple of hanging flower baskets or planters at either side of the door adds a splash of color and greenery to the entrance and makes the store look cared-for. 

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