Common Tree Problems & Diseases

Have you noticed at any point that a tree may not look quite right? Perhaps you might speculate if a specific spot or blight is normal. 

Like all living organisms, trees can get sick for a variety of reasons. If not properly tended to, tree diseases can take root in your tree and lead to health problems that cause slow growth or even the loss of your tree. 

Fortunately, your local arborist and tree experts at Boyd’s Tree Service are available to share the most common health problems and diseases that can befall your trees, as well as their solutions. 

Common Tree Problems

Typically, tree problems are not as serious as tree diseases and can usually be remedied with proper care and skillful consideration. 

Here are some of the most common tree problems: 

Drought Effects

Trees need water to survive, so you can assume that drought can cause serious issues with your trees. An extended lack of water can result in damaging long-term effects such as stunted growth and tree death.  Although you can’t do much about the weather, you can save your tree by watering it regularly during long periods of drought. 

Wilted Leaves 

When leaves wilt, they turn less rigid and lose their shape. This is caused by a falling turgor pressure in the plant cells as a result of water loss. Drought typically causes wilted, drooping leaves. Wilted leaves can normally be corrected by replanting the tree to an area with less sunlight or more water. We suggest checking the soil around your tree before increasing the water intake. Overwatering can also lead to wilted leaves. 

Scorched Leaves

Leaves can get burned as a result of overexposure to harsh sunlight or high winds. Signs of leaf scorch include dehydrated leaves, a brown appearance, and dried leaves. There could also be burn marks near the tips or the outer parts. In order to counter leaf scorching, we recommend you increase watering and add mulch around your tree for protection and moisture absorption. 

Improper Pruning 

Improper pruning can show itself in several ways. Some typical examples are a tree being overly trimmed or a tree that is severely under-trimmed that is overgrown with fur. In both cases, the tree may struggle to breathe and it will absorb water as a result.  We suggest you enlist the help of a tree-trimming professional to ensure the best pruning treatment. 

Identifying Tree Diseases


Mildew forms a white coating on the leaf surface and damages the overall leaf health. Mildew can be effectively treated by fungicides that are specialized to control mildew outbreaks.  

Leaf Rust

It will be quite obvious when your tree has leaf rust.  Leaf rust gradually weakens the plant’s photosynthesis system so the leaves are left with unattractive yellow-brown spots. This disease is caused by rust fungus and is common in trees. You can treat this disease with the use of fungicides and/or cutting off tree leaves that are already damaged. 

Witches’ Broom 

As the name suggests, this disease involves a thick mass of sticks shooting from a single section of the tree, and the shape is similar to a broom. This disease causes a deformed physical appearance. More times than not, a Witches’ Broom can be cut out from the affected tree. In order to determine if it is a pest or disease-related, we suggest you have an arborist carefully inspect your affected trees. 


Gall is a condition in which a tree develops abnormal growth in different areas of the tree. These unsightly bumps can vary in size and color, however, they are usually described as bladder or pouch-like growth. The vast majority of galls are mainly an aesthetic problem and do little if any damage to the tree. 

We recommend that you take the time to inspect your trees and be aware of these problems and diseases discussed here. When planted and cared for properly, trees can be aesthetically appealing, lifelong additions to your property. 

Let Boyd’s Tree Service Help Keep Your Trees Healthy and Thriving

At Boyd’s Tree Service, we are a full-service tree and stump removal business that serves the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on always making sure the trees in our communities are healthy and beautiful. 

You’ll find that at Boyd’s Tree Service – comprised of fourth-generation tree men – we provide the most comprehensive tree care.  We take pride in enhancing the well-being, beauty, and aesthetics of your trees. 

If you live in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas and you would like more information about our tree services, or to schedule an appointment, we invite you to call Boyd’s Tree Service at (509) 585-4194. 

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