Should I Cut Down a Tree That’s Close to My House?

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Who Can I Trust for Tree Removal That’s Close to My House?

Do you have a big tree that is a short distance from your house?  Does this tree appear unstable or sway a lot from the wind? 

Trees that are close to homes pose dangers in several ways. For example, if you have a tree that is as close as 20 feet or nearer to your home, it may cause foundation damage, as well as branches blowing into your roof. 

It is best to reach out to a certified tree removal specialist to inspect your tree and make a decision on whether it can cause damage to your home. If it does, then you will want it removed. If there is enough room for the tree to grow, then it can stay, and you could occasionally prune it. 

Factors to Consider for Whether to Remove a Tree Close to Your Home

How Close is the Tree?

The type of tree will help determine if it poses a danger to your house. A general rule is that you take the diameter of the tree trunk and multiply it by 10.  If your home is within that area, then you need to think about removal of that tree.  Another option is trimming the branches that are too close to your roof.  It would be wise to have a professional tree removal specialist trim the roots of the tree and perhaps install a root guard. 

Taking these measures will protect your home from mechanical damage or the expansion of the root system. 

How Far Away Should Tree Branches be from Your Home?

The test for this is you want the branches of the tree to have ample room to move around in the wind without coming into contact with your house. This typically will be at least eight feet for large trees and four feet for smaller trees. 

Bigger trees with longer branches move more in the wind than small trees with shorter branches. 

Will the Tree Cause Foundation Problems?

There are certain trees that have more invasive roots than others. But tree roots can do damage to your cement foundation over time. This is a gradual process and you probably will discover the problem when you see cracks, especially in the basement as the roots attempt to reach for a water source. 

You may want to take the safe approach and hire a building inspector to determine if damage has occurred.  You can also secure a report from a certified arborist on the likelihood of the tree causing future damage. 

Choose a Professional for Tree Removal

It is a fact that trees kill scores of people every year. That is why we recommend you call on a well-experienced, highly trained tree doctor to remove trees from your property. This is especially important to opt for a tree care professional for tight-spot removals, when power lines, homes or other structures are nearby. 

boyds tree removal service on specialized trees near homeBoyd’s Tree Service is Local Expert for Tree Removal

If you have damaged, dead, or diseased trees on your property, then look to Boyd’s Tree Service to remove them for you!  At Boyd’s Tree Service, we are a full-service tree and stump removal business that serves the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas.  Boyd’s Tree Service is a fully insured and bonded tree removal contractor with many years of experience with tree care and tree removal. 

You’ll find that at Boyd’s Tree Service – comprised of fourth-generation tree men – we provide the most comprehensive tree care. We take pride in enhancing the well-being, beauty and aesthetics of your trees. 

If you live in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas and you would like more information about our tree services, or to schedule an appointment, we invite you to fill out our quote form or call Boyd’s Tree Service at (509) 585-4194

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