How Long Should I Wait Before Pruning my New Tree?

Should I Wait Before Pruning my New Tree?

You might be thinking that it is a good idea to prune your newly planted tree in the fall, with its mild weather. The gorgeous tree foliage with its bright colors may seduce you into thinking that your new tree needs pruning right away. 

But it is best for the tree to hold off on pruning until later winter or spring. And when your tree is ready to be pruned, it is a good idea to hire a professional full-service tree care company like Boyd’s Tree Service to ensure that the pruning is done right and doesn’t harm the tree. 

Why You Should Wait to Prune Your Tree

Pruning too Early Might Cause Premature Growth on Newly Planted Tree

If you prune your new tree in the late summer or early fall, it may stimulate new growth. Unfortunately, this new growth has little time to harden and solidify before cold weather arrives. What’s more, the cold weather might injure this delicate new growth. Also, your tree may require more pruning in the spring to remove the damage. 

Trees More at Risk for Fungal Disease if Pruned in Fall

During the early autumn, pruning wounds close more slowly and plants are at greater risk for fungal disease than at the other times of the year. For the majority of trees, the ideal time for major pruning is late winter to early spring. This is when wounds close faster. 

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Wait Until Trees Are Dormant Before Pruning

If you would prefer to prune your new tree in the fall, you’re advised to wait at least until the tree drops its leaves and is dormant. This typically happens in October or November. After leaf drop, you can observe your tree’s structure and more easily identify disease and insect problems. 

Dormancy – especially in late winter and early spring – is an opportune time to prune evergreens because vigorous growth in the spring will conceal pruning wounds. 

Exception to No-Fall Pruning 

It is actually a good idea to prune your new tree in the fall months in order to remove diseased, dead, and damaged wood as soon as you can.  This is for the benefit of the tree’s health, as well as for your safety. 

Why You Should Hire a Professional Tree Service for Pruning

You should really hire a professional tree care company to perform all pruning tasks for your trees. This is especially the case when you need to remove big limbs and high branches. 

When you hire a professional tree care company, they will make sure your fruit and nut trees are properly pruned so they will be healthier and provide you with a better harvest. As an amateur, when you prune your tree, you might accidentally hinder the tree’s ability to produce in the upcoming season if the pruning is done incorrectly. 

An arborist will provide the necessary expertise for every species of tree. For example, a Douglas fir tree requires different pruning than a peach or apple tree. Pruning should be tailored based on the tree species. 

When it comes down to it, arborists are the experts in the art and science of tree care. 

Let Boyd’s Tree Service Help Keep Your Trees Healthy and Thriving

At Boyd’s Tree Service, we are a full-service tree and stump removal business that serves the Tri-Cities and surrounding areasBoyd’s Tree Service is a fully insured and bonded tree removal contractor with many years of experience with tree care and tree removal. 

Our expert tree care professionals will provide proper and natural pruning so your landscape will always look amazing. 

You’ll find that at Boyd’s Tree Service – comprised of fourth-generation tree men – we provide the most comprehensive tree care. We take pride in enhancing the well-being, beauty and aesthetics of your trees. 

If you live in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas and you would like more information about our tree services, or to schedule an appointment, we invite you to call Boyd’s Tree Service at (509) 585-4194.

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