Tips for a Happy and Healthy Christmas Tree

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The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of the holiday display in your home. The conifer infuses your home with fir and pine scents that makes it feel like Christmas. Having a real Christmas tree can create a fun and enjoyable family experience for the holiday season. If you have never had a real Christmas tree […]

Common Tree Diseases in Washington State

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Washington State is unofficially nicknamed the Evergreen State because of its rich, lush canopy of trees that dot much of the verdant landscape throughout the state. There are many diverse varieties of trees that are used for commercial and environmental purposes that include woodworking and watershed protection.  Among the most common tree species in the […]

Common Tree Problems & Diseases

Have you noticed at any point that a tree may not look quite right? Perhaps you might speculate if a specific spot or blight is normal.  Like all living organisms, trees can get sick for a variety of reasons. If not properly tended to, tree diseases can take root in your tree and lead to […]

How to Keep Trees Healthy

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Trees are an important part of our landscape as they add beauty and a calming presence in our every-day lives. They also shade our homes and neighborhoods, reducing our energy costs. Trees increase property values, reduce air pollution, and curtail soil erosion.  They also provide habitat for wildlife.  As trees are a peaceful, serene part […]