What is the Difference Between Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming?

The Difference Between Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming

The Difference Between Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming

If you actively participate in the care of your trees, you probably think of tree pruning and tree trimming as the same thing. But there are actually subtle differences between the two types of tree services.

Pruning and trimming are both excellent landscaping services that yield beautiful and practical results in your yard. Pruning and trimming are both vital to the health and beauty of your trees. While the two terms are often used interchangeably, pruning and trimming have distinct applications and functions.

Key Differences Between Pruning & Trimming Your Tree

What is Tree Trimming?

The purpose of tree trimming is to help trees, hedges and shrubs grow in a healthy manner. The process of tree trimming is focused on aesthetics. You trim a tree to maintain a tree’s desired shape and appearance.

If trees are not trimmed regularly, they could become unwieldy, with branches growing in different directions. What results is uneven growth that causes your trees to look unbalanced, scraggly and misshapen. What’s more, this overgrowth can negatively affect the health of your tree and other adjoining plants. You may have extra branches that prevent them from receiving the moisture, nutrients, and sun light that they need to flourish.

Typically, trimming usually involves thinning out overgrown branches, and that assists in creating shapely growth.

What is Tree Pruning?

When you prune your tree, it helps to enhance a tree’s shape and bring out its beauty. The goal of pruning is primarily focused on the tree’s health. Pruning is quite beneficial for a tree as it helps protect it against pests and diseases. It also promotes strong growth.

The major aspects of tree pruning are to remove dead, diseased and loose branches that prevent the trees from thriving. When you prune, you also are eliminating any growth that gets in the way of other parts of the plant, like branches that cross over one another.

There are some instances where branches grow in the wrong direction. For example, they push towards electrical utility wires or structures. But pruning helps keep unwanted growth under control.

Equipment Used for Pruning & Trimming

When you set out to prune, shears are normally the tool to use. They can be hand shears or lopping shears. Hand shears are used to cut stems up to three-quarter inches in diameter. Lopping shears have longer handles and have the ability to cut through stems as thick as one and three-quarters of an inch in diameter.

These shears are usually sufficiently strong to cut through thin branches. For thick branches, you may have to resort to using a saw.

For trimming, shears, trimmers, and saws should give you good results and healthier growth, as well.

Timetables for Pruning & Trimming

You will find that how often you prune and trim differs based on the season, as well as the species of plant and tree. The majority of trees and shrubs need annual pruning. The timing depends on what result you are seeking. Prune dormant trees in the winter to produce strong growth in the spring. You can cut branches during the summer to “dwarf” development.

If you wish to increase flowering capacity, prune right after a tree or shrub’s blooming cycle. You want to trim twice a year to promote the aesthetic quality of your trees. These bi-annual trimmings should occur at least once right after flowering season.

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