When is the Right Time to Get a Tree Removal Estimate?

What is the Best Time to Get a Tree Removal Estimate?

It can be a tough decision to have to remove a tree. You appreciate them for how they beautify your property and provide much welcome shade during the warm summer months in the Tri-Cities. 

However, just like us, trees can come down with various diseases. These diseases can impede their growth and even prove deadly. This is one instance when you should call for a tree removal estimate. 

You might be wondering when is the best time, in general, to remove a tree? What is the cheapest time of year to do this? Does the weather play a factor in the timing of a tree removal?

In this article, we will present the main factors that should be considered when you are deciding when to seek out a tree removal estimate. You will then have confidence and peace of mind when it comes to timing a tree removal when it will benefit you and your wallet. 

Best Time for Obtaining a Tree Removal Estimate

the best time for tree removal estimate

The best time of year to remove a tree is the winter or early spring. This is because the tree’s leaves will have fallen and the branches are bare. This is also the time when trees are dormant. All of this makes it easier to remove a tree. 

Specifically, the months of February and March are usually the cheapest months for tree removal. Also, during this time period, there will be minimal disruption to the surrounding landscaped areas on your property. 

You might assume that the frozen ground would make it more challenging to remove a tree. In actuality, the warm earth is more easily disturbed. Frozen ground keeps vegetation safely in place during the removal of a tree. 

Winter conditions mean it will involve less work and less money to do your tree removal. 

Other Factors That Affect When to Get a Tree Removal Appraisal 

Tree is a danger to you or others – If you believe that your diseased or decayed tree poses an imminent danger to people or structures, the best time for a tree removal is as soon as possible. 

For instance, your tree could have a major pest issue, such as emerald ash borer. These pests can quickly move to adjacent trees. A professional arborist will be able to tell you if your sick tree requires immediate action or if it can wait to the optimal (dormant season) time of the year.

Tree has serious disease, decay or is dying Dead trees are hazardous. Dying trees, in addition to diseased or decaying trees, can fall quite easily. This poses an immediate threat to people and structures. Because a tree that is ailing could fall at any time, it is not a risk worth taking to do nothing or put it off. 

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Trees in any of these conditions can spread diseases and jeopardize the health of nearby trees. Getting rid of diseased trees will also prevent them from spreading plant diseases. 

Also, like humans, dead trees will decompose, and this is likely to draw rodents and vermin.

By removing your tree right away, your home could be spared a possible infestation of roaches, mice, rats, and other pests. 

Finally, trees in these conditions will reduce the aesthetic value of your property. This may have a direct negative impact on the sales price of your house. 

Go with a Professional Tree Services Company

When your tree appears that it may need to be removed, it is best to seek the services of a professional arborist. They are experienced and trained to diagnose tree diseases and recommend solutions. 

Getting a tree removal estimate from a professional will give you the peace of mind that this project is done correctly and will give you the best value.

best time of year for tree removals

Boyd’s Tree Service is Local Expert for Tree Removal

Look to Boyd’s Tree Service to give you a fair and reasonable tree removal appraisal when it comes to figuring out how to take care of your tree situation.

Our tree care professionals will remove your trees in a safe manner while being careful not to disturb the surrounding property. 

Boyd’s Tree Service is a fully insured and bonded tree removal contractor with many years of experience with tree care and tree removal. 

If you would like more information about our tree removal services in the Tri-Cities and surrounding area, or to schedule an appointment, we invite you to call Boyd’s Tree Service at (509) 585-4194

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