What is the Difference Between a Tree Cutting Service and Tree Pruning Service?

Trees are a staple of life, beauty, and happiness in our world. They provide a critical component of our health and joy. If you are lucky enough to have a tree or shrub on your property, it can bring you great pleasure by providing cooling shade from the summer sun, the sweet medley of whispering leaves in the wind, or the simple glory in its proud magnificence. 

While trees stand tall and strong, they still need a little extra tender loving care to maintain long, healthy lifespans. If you are wondering how to care for your tree, you likely need a tree cutting service as well as tree pruning. Yes, they are different things! Keep reading to discover the differences and when you should utilize them. 

The Difference Between Tree Cutting Services and Tree Pruning

What is a Tree Cutting Service?

Tree cutting, also known as tree trimming, is when excess branches are removed from a tree or shrub. Primarily for aesthetic reasons, typically to maintain a specific size and shape. You usually see this practice utilized when trees encroach on spaces where they could cause damage. This could be near a roof, power lines, or when the space is overcrowded. You may also see it when a home or business owner tries to achieve a specific aesthetic or provide a gap for a scenic view to be enjoyed. 

Boyds tree services employee performing tree cutting service.

When to Utilize Tree Cutting:

A tree cutting service is considered a beneficial practice for young trees and shrubs as long as less than 20% of the plant is removed in one session. When tree cutting is completed correctly, it encourages new growth and allows the tree or shrub to grow taller. However, it is not recommended for well-established trees or shrubs, as it can often disrupt the natural growth process and misalign the plant’s internal structure. 

It is important to note that wether a tree or shrub becomes “established” depends heavily on the species of trees and their climate. For some trees, it may be an annual process, but for others, it may require a two to five-year break in between. We recommend speaking with a certified arborist or tree cutting specialist to determine whether tree cutting is the right option for you. 

What is a Tree Pruning Service?

While tree cutting services are primarily completed for aesthetic or human functional reasons, tree pruning is done for a tree’s or shrub’s health. Trees and shrubs are living organisms that face the cycle of life and are vulnerable to disease and injury. Tree pruning is the process of removing diseased, dead, or damaged branches from the tree. This can provide a healthier plant structure by thinning and shaping the tree or shrub to give it greater access to sunlight and rainfall. 

Boyds tree services employee cutting a tree branch.

When to Prune a Tree:

Pruning a tree or shrub typically occurs less often than tree cutting, usually with a schedule of every two to three years. When the tree or shrub faces unexpected damage or disease, the timeline may need to be adjusted to ensure the survival of the plant. So when exactly should you prune your trees? It is common to prune your trees after large windstorms, as there are often broken or damaged tree branches. Broken branches are both dangerous to the health of the plant as well the homes and people around it. 

There is a Science to Cutting & Pruning

While some people may believe that cutting and pruning is simply taking a saw to branches, there is a specific science to the technique to ensure the health and safety of the tree or shrub. The physiology of the plant is carefully considered to determine which parts can be removed and which are vital to the central processing of the organism. Cutting an incorrect branch, it could very well kill the plant. 

What Should I Do If My Tree Gets Damaged in a Storm?

Despite their everlasting appearance, trees and shrubs are vulnerable to harsh storms and winds. After a storm, it is common to see branches mangled on the ground or hanging precariously from a tree. As a tree owner, you are responsible for the safety of those who come into contact with your tree. The last thing you want is for a branch to fall on someone or something. Therefore, if you see damage to your tree after a storm, we recommend calling in professional tree care services to get it back in peak health. Boyd’s Tree Service provides 24-hour tree services to ensure that you, your tree, and your property are always safe, healthy, and happy. 

Boyds Tree services employee performing tree cutting and tree pruning services.

Tree Cutting Services & Pruning with Boyd’s Trees

Boyd’s Trees is full service tree care and stump removal business based out of Kennewick, Washington, and also serving the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. We have highly skilled tree doctors to meticulously and with great precision trim your trees. As fourth-generation tree men, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our community’s trees are healthy and beautiful. If your trees and shrubs are in need of a little tender loving care, contact us today for a free estimate and additional information. 

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