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About our Richland Tree Services

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At Boyd’s, we tailor our Richland Tree services to your unique landscaping needs. Our experienced tree crew brings extensive knowledge to your project regarding the many aspects of trees – from pesky pests to soil and water needs. We are enthusiastic about everything tree and are dedicated to insuring your landscape looks just as you envision it would. 

Like you, we enjoy the many trees and greenery that dot the Pacific Northwest landscape. While trees and bushes enhance the beauty of our properties, we also know that when they die, fall over, get infected, or become overgrown. Unhealthy trees can become a nuisance and even a hazard. At Boyd’s Tree Service, we will help you maintain the allure of your trees and shrubs while removing unsightly or damaged trees. 

With our fleet of specialized trucks, state-of-the-art equipment, and a certified arborist, we can address any and all tree, shrubbery, or other landscaping need with precision and efficiency. 

Here is a summary of some of our landscaping services:

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Tree Trimming

Boyd's certified arborists are highly-trained for tree trimming. It is important that your trees are trimmed so that they can remain happy and healthy. We offer reasonable and flexible rates depending on your goals and the types of trees you need trimmed.

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Tree Removal

Here at Boyd's, we understand that the Richland area is susceptible to severe wind storms. Fallen and damaged trees are common to find in Richland, WA. At Boyd’s Tree Service, we remove trees in a safe manner while not disturbing the surrounding property. Some jobs require the use of a crane for quick and safe tree removal service.

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Tree Preservation

Boyd's Tree Service is dedicated to preserving trees on your property in Richland, WA. Our team brings extensive knowledge about local pests and diseases that can harm your trees. We will assist you in exploring options for tree preservation methods and services. We can also provide guidance on how to best plant trees on your property.

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Stump Removal & Grinding

Having a property filled with tree stumps can real danger to you and even your neighbors. Our professional tree removal team will take care of all your tree stump needs. You'll never even know they were there! If you need to remove a tree or have an old stump in your yard removed, give Boyd’s Tree Service a call today.

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Power Line Clearing

Trees and brush touching power lines can create sparks that can ignite fires, especially during the dry and hot conditions. Boyd’s Tree Service crews are expertly equipped to reduce the risk of trees and brush coming into contact with power lines. We provide reliable service and protect people and property.

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Shrubbery Removal & Trimming

Trees and shrubs bring color and variety to a landscape! However; if they are not tended to, what began as a pretty shrub can easily turn into an out-of-control plant. These plants can become unkempt, sparse, and unsightly. Having overgrown shrubs on your property can obstruct walkways and obscure scenery.

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Emergency Storm Services

Boyd’s Tree Service is there for you when disaster strikes. Our highly trained tree service crews will handle any size job to restore safety and beauty to your battered yard. Rest easy knowing that Boyd’s Tree will clean up the broken branches, stray shrubs, and remove damaged trees!

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Free Estimate

For all of your tree care and stump removal needs, trust the experts at Boyd’s Tree Service. Request your free estimate online and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. If you are in the Tri-Cities and surrounding area, give us a call at any time if you would like to speak to someone directly.

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Boyds Tree Service Offers 24-hour Emergency Service Free Estimates

Boyd’s Tree Service delivers consistent, high-quality work with strict attention to detail.  Safety is always our top priority when climbing and removing trees and stumps in Richland, WA. We take every safety precaution seriously to make sure all our jobs goes smoothly. All trimming is done to ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) standards.

Get the Landscape You’ve Always Dreamed of With Boyd’s Tree Service!

Look to Boyd’s Tree Service for expert tree and shrub care. Additionally, if you need us to remove trees or shrubbery that have fallen from severe winds or a major storm, give us a call!

At Boyd’s Tree Service, we make it our mission to leave your landscape looking beautiful while still ensuring your lawn or green space remain in optimal health.

If you live Richland or the surrounding area and would like more information about our tree services schedule an appointment with us. Our experienced team will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a free estimate of the work you would like done.

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ISA Certified Arborist Rudy Duran PN-1851

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